To be considered for funding, please send a full business plan to

Please ensure that your business plan is concise and addresses the following points:

1. Company purpose:

Define your company’s purpose, business nature and core product to ensure that the trade is Section 12J-permissible.

2. Problem/Need:

Describe the problem/need you are addressing. How is this addressed today and what are the shortcomings to current solutions?

3. Solution:

Why is your value proposition unique and compelling? Does it have longevity?

4. Market potential:

Identify the consumer and your market. Is it an existing market or are you creating a new market?

5. Competition/alternatives:

Who are your direct and indirect competitors. How do you plan on overcoming competition?

6. Business model:

How do you intend to succeed?

7. Team:

Bio’s of the key stakeholders in the business.

8. Financials:

Please include historical financials and future forecasts.

9. Vision:

If all goes according to plan, what is the 5-year vision?

10. Required Equity Funding:

Desired amount of funding required and plan for the funding.