Our Investment Philosophy

Iridium will focus on well-managed companies, with established business models that are poised for national or regional expansion. The
Fund will seek to partner with companies that have the capability to create value through a combination of organic expansion, add on
acquisitions, strategic repositioning and consolidation strategies, thus enabling such companies to become regional champions.

Iridium has a generalist approach, it will focus on sectors that have attractive growth trajectories. Some of the sectors that Iridium expects
to invest in include:

• agriculture (primary agriculture and agro-processing)
• manufacturing
• services
• natural gas and resources
• fintech

Investments will be made on forward-looking basis, based on market fundamentals, with an emphasis on a bottom-up approach to valuation.

Iridium endeavours to approach all investments in a manner that contributes to prosperity and the development of the local economy that
will cater to consumers growth demands.

Iridium will approach a strategy that will balance both an active and a passive approach. Iridium has a strong preference for strategic, or
significant influence which it believes will be an important driver of consistent, superior returns.

Significant influence is achieved through majority ownership by either ourselves or together with our strategic investor partners.